Insulating plates for molds and more


ISOCOS, a German company with a long experience in the field, is specialized in the production of high quality thermal insulation materials: insulating plates designed for mold insulation that can be used in many sectors.
In industrial production environments it is often found in the presence of machines with hot parts exposed directly to the external environment; thermally insulating these areas reduces heat loss, leading to an improvement in energy efficiency and to conditions of greater comfort for operators.

The areas of greatest use of the plates are the thermal insulation of molds and presses in the fields of plastic, rubber, wood and die-casting. In addition to having very low thermal conductivity, these materials are also very good in terms of resistance to compression, temperature and fatigue. The great variety in the formulation of materials (glass fiber, epoxy resin, mica, calcium silicates, ...) makes it possible to satisfy every requirement required by the specific application.

The insulating plates are produced in the form of plates of various thicknesses. These are cut to size and processed according to specific customer requirements with the possibility of making milling and drilling of all types. It is also possible to cover them with a protective PTFE film in order to guarantee chemical protection in the presence of oils and release chemicals.

Insulating plates for molds and more

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