NEW Proell: Norilux® DC - Thermoformable and anti-scratch screen printing ink


Proell, present at the FESPA in Berlin in Hall 4.1- D10, presents the new Norilux® DC, a two-component, thermoformable, anti-scratch screen printing ink resistant to chemical agents.It can be used as a protective and anti-scratch film on untreated PC, PMMA, ABS films and is particularly suitable for protection overprinting in the IMD / FIM process.

The ultra-transparent variant of this ink can be used on matted films to obtain transparent and anti-scratch windows.
The matted variants are suitable for printing on transparent films treated with non-catalyzed Hard-Coat like Makrofol® HF 278 or 312, to obtain special effects, matted or not, on the same object.
The degree of brightness or matting, as well as the possible pigmentation of the ink, can, as far as possible, be customized at the request of the user.
With Norilux® DC they can be over-painted and therefore protected surfaces already decorated with paints / inks, silicone-free, UV-curable, solvent-based and / or water-based.

The printed films, after the final drying, can be thermoformed or formed at high pressure cold, then the layer of ink is definitively hardened with exposure to UV light.

The hardened protective layer guarantees excellent resistance to scratches, chemicals and cleaning and is approved for various tests of resistance to creams required by the automotive industry.
Norilux® DC is already used in car interiors as protective lacquer of control panels, fronts and moldings, and is also used in the decoration of smartphone cases and front panels of health equipment.

The technical and commercial staff of Mohwinckel S.r.l. can provide any kind of information, assistance and user guide to anyone interested in implementing Norilux® DC in their production process.

NEW Proell: Norilux® DC - Thermoformable and anti-scratch screen printing ink

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