Rex TCS is an innovative thermal control system that generates heat in an efficient way and drastically reduces the energy costs associated with the cylinder heating of injection molding machines and extrusion cylinders.


Combining the excellent insulating properties of ceramic insulation with the fact that the heat exchange takes place exclusively by irradiation, TCS is able to increase by 250% the thermal flow towards the cylinder and to reduce at the same time by 75% the thermal dispersion towards the environment.

ADVANTAGES - Reducing operating costs is not the only advantage

as shown in the graph B.1, TCS allows to reach the operating temperature in less than half the time and this leads to a consequent increase in productivity (this is particularly true for all those cases in which the machines are turned on daily)

Graph B.2 clearly shows how, thanks to TCS, the machine's control system is able to minimize the temperature fluctuations around the reference value, containing them within a half degree centigrade. The temperature profile therefore remains constant and uniform, a decisive condition for obtaining a high quality of the processed product

TCS is an extremely simple system whose assembly and disassembly do not bring any additional technical complication to the machine, but rather eliminate all the problems associated with the maintenance of conventional resistances. There is also no need to replace the components of the machine control system as TCS uses the same sensors and electrical connections. A single TCS section typically replaces two or three conventional heating bands, which is why the resulting final system has fewer operational complications.

TCS™ Insulation Directs Heat toward the barrel leaving exterior cool to the touch

TCS is a system that provides an 18-24 month return on investment, a very limited time compared to what it takes for the electricity sector (3-5 years). In addition, TCS components last more than 10 years, much longer than traditional band heaters.

How much it allows you to save?

The implementation of TCS always decreases energy consumption.

Graph C.1 shows data from surveys performed by over 100 US companies that have installed TCS on their machines.

  • TCS has reduced Barrel Heater Energy Consumption by an Average of 40%
  • With the cost of electricity in Italy it is possible to obtain an annual saving of over € 15,000 on machines whose cylinder has a diameter of more than 150 mm.

It is intuitive to understand how TCS, minimizing the heat loss, it allows to strongly reduce even the contingent energy costs due to the air conditioning system. 

Cooling system and particular geometries

Cooling system

TCS™ offers a unique air cooling system utilizing specially designed blowers, encased in durable, protective, sound absorbing housing, to allow rapid cool down for material changes or maintenance.

The heat can be directed out of a temperature controlled environment, such as a clean room, reducing Air Conditioning load, and further reduce power consumption.

Particular geometries

The band thickness is 83 mm. Depending on the type of machinery interference problems may occur in some points of the cylinder. To overcome these complications it is possible to intervene on the geometry of the band in order to adapt the system to every specific need.

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