The new LED lighting technology has transformed the world of lighting fixtures.

The popularity of LED-based applications opens up many exciting design possibilities. But LED light sources may present challenges when it comes to hot spots and light intensity fluctuations.

Also higher purchasing cost of LEDs emphasizes the significance of higher fixture efficiency - one of two main commercial arguments - next to durability - which come down heavily in favor of LEDs.

For today's LED lighting, Makrolon® sheets provide the ideal combination of design freedom and efficiency. They are durable and enable you to maximise your lighting fixture's aesthetics, light effects and its energy efficiency over a long period of time.

In this field Mohwinckel Srl can offer an advisory service in the choice of products with sampling for vision together with the cut to size according to customer requests and applications.
Our sales and technical staff is at your disposal for further information and suggestions.

Makrofol LM 309 160004 skt

Makrofol LM 903 1-4 160008 skt

Makrofol LM 905 2-4 160009 skt

Makrolon DX Line -Brochure Covestro

Makrolon DX_Line skt

Makrolon RX_Line skt - ENG

Makrolon SX skt

Makrolon RX_Line brochure


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